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girls don’t want boys girls want D.gray man to start serialization again

  You better r u n, you better run.
       You better h i d e, you better hide.
            Oh, you better run.


Here you go. Naruto 693, the most disputed lines, in Japanese, straight from Shonen Jump. I took these photos myself when I went to my closest conbini today, and will gladly take more if needed when I actually buy my copy tomorrow.

Important things to note:

Sasuke’s line concerning his feelings for Sakura is this: ”恋愛ごっこでも楽しめってのか?オレにはこいつを好く道理も好かれる道理もない。” The first line is basically the same, but the second line says “To me, there is no reason to love her or to be loved by her.” It says nothing about interests, only reason.

Also, concerning this line ‘Not only for Naruto himself, but for Sasuke too, a love different from the one he had for his mother.’ Nothing in the actual line says a thing about Sasuke’s mother, and the line is this: ”ナルトだけでなく…サスケも母(カグヤ)とは違い愛が何かを知っているものだ。’ It should be stated that yes, the kanji for mother is in this sentence, but the furigana clearly read Kaguya (hence why Kaguya is in the parentheses). The meaning of this sentence is closer to ‘Not only Naruto, but Sasuke also, unlike Kaguya, knows something about love.’ (kind of a piss poor translation on my part, but the point I’m making is that is has nothing to do with Sasuke’s mother.)


(Personal Note: This chapter was nothing but feels ;___; Such a good one)


KnB x Tokyo Ghoul : Kuroko Tetsuya

''The Phantom Sixth Ghoul'' 


"Makoto stop that. You look so silly when you wear those."
"Is that so? Then why are you flustered? Look at me in the eye."

BAND AU! Wherein Makoto is the lead vocalist and Haru is the drummer. During their photoshoots these two would often forget that there are people in the room looking at them. Often the interviewers would question about their closeness saying that they’re a bit too close as childhood friends and Makoto would always smile and go "We just love each other a bit too much!" Then Haru would slap him randomly from the back where he prefers to sit so people won’t see how red and shy he gets. Close-up flustered Haru


Tumblr Loves Halloween 


There’s this guy that rants everyday about how everyone is sinners at our college and someone made a bingo game to go along with him today